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Doing business with you sucks?

When I say you, I’m sure it’s not you, it’s someone like you. Or is it?

You see most business do business in a vanilla way. If you like ice cream vanilla is OK but after a while it becomes boring. You want other flavours.

Enough with the ice cream already Will get to the point.

Sure. My point is this. Everything you do is OK. The product you supply is OK. The packaging you use is OK. The delivery you provide is OK. The emails you send are OK.

Bot none of it stands out in any way or bonds a client to your business. Your business is transactional.

That’s fine until you get a competition enter your market who is relational.

Here’s a small example. Yesterday I purchased a book about product naming fromĀ Louise Karch. What happened next below me away.

First she sent me an email saying she was going to call.

Then she called me to thank me for buying the book and tell me it will be posted that day.

Then later that day I got a beautifully written email telling me how lovingly prepared the book was and that it was now on the way.

No one has ever done that to me. I repeat no one. Now it’s not something you can easily scale if you sell huge volumes. But parts of it are.

You can decide that every contact your client has with you will build the relationship. When you consider 68% of clients leave because of perceived indifference you can immediately see the profound impact this approach can have.

So please, please, please put it at the heart of how you do business. You’ll enjoy your business more. Your clients will love you more. You’ll get more referrals. You’ll make more money too.