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This week I’m talking about Elon’s Twitter takeover.

Does he or doesn’t he have a plan?

My personal view is his plan resembles this.

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I’m happy to be proven wrong. But if you look at his chaotic Tweets about charging for the blue tick and how much then maybe I’m not.

Only time will tell. But one thing to remember is he paid serious money for Twitter and has serious debt to pay down. So Twitter has to make more money or he’s in trouble.

The big lesson here is you have to think things through, before you do them. Evidence suggests very few people do.

I’m not sure exactly why but I’ve narrowed it down to these reasons:

  1. They don’t know how.
  2. They think they have (they haven’t).
  3. It just seems too hard.

The thing is you can’t abdicate your responsibility for thinking. If you do, you will pay the price for doing so.

You also have to think short AND long term. Right now the world is stuck in short term thinking. It’s a disease that eats away at our society. Because something that makes sense right now may not make sense in 5 or 10 years.

I’ll watch with interest to see whether Elon has thought things through.

But promise me that you will. You have to find the balance between under and over thinking.