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We love stories.

Stories are something we engage with from a very young age.

In fact I’d suggest story is hardwired into our DNA.

It started with the first people. They shared stories about what was safe to eat. How to spot danger.

It was hard to record this information for the future so stories were the way it was passed on the next generation who needed it.

Songs, movies, and TV shows engage us with their stories and the stories of the characters.

Good marketing is just the same.

When you use stories it causes the critical part of the brain to switch off for a moment. This gives you a chance to get you message heard.

If you look at the great persuaders they are story tellers.

Here’s one thing you can to today to make your marketing stronger. Tell the story of how someone will have a better life after doing business with you.

Stories of their success are the most interesting of all to them.