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The cardinal sin of marketing.

I estimate 98% of businesses commit this sin every day. Do you?

I better tell you what it is.

It’s telling me (a potential client) what you do.

But I don’t care about that. I care a lot more about what you can do for me.

Now you probably already know this. But are you doing it?

Judging by the LinkedIn messages I get every day no.

Judging by the cold emails I receive every day no.

Judging by the websites I look at every day no.

Judging by the ads I see every day no.

Yes it takes time and effort to understand your potential clients well enough to create a message they will respond to.

But surely it’s better than making no sales and going out of business.

Take some time right now to look at your marketing and be honest with yourself. Is it about you? If it is then you need to fix it today. Any delay is costing you sales.