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I love coming up with killer marketing ideas for my clients.

But there’s one thing I love even more.

Can you guess what it might be?

It’s when they get implemented. You see a lot of good ides get killed because a business is too scared to rock the boat.

The problem with that thinking is this. If you won’t rock boat someone else will and they’ll steal your lunch money like a school bully.

It’s too competitive out there to rely on mediocre marketing to get you anything other than a trickle of clients.

Just enough for you to survive maybe. But who wants to just survive.

I want my business and my clients to thrive. Even in tough times like many of us face right now.

But you have to be brave enough to discover and implement big marketing ideas.

If you’d like a big marketing idea for your business send me a message and we’ll have a brainstorming chat and look at a few for your business.