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This won’t set your sales on fire.

But almost everyone does it.

The old definition of insanity.

Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

Why? Why on earth do businesses fall into the trap of doing things that don’t work?

Here’s what prompted my post today.

I checked the mail as I do each day. In the mail was fridge magnet calendar with a headshot of one of the local real estate agents.

Fantastic I thought. Let me stick that exciting calendar and headshot on my fridge.

Except I didn’t think that. I thought what a waste. That’s going straight to the bin where it belongs. But I hate doing that because I’m aware of the resources and cost of making and sending me this piece of unadulterated marketing YAWN.

Here’s the thing. At some point I will sell my house. At some point I’ll buy another house. But a fridge magnet isn’t going to persuade me to use this agent. Other agents and companies will send me yearly magnets too. In the bin as well. After all who wants a fridge that looks like calendar magnet confetti.

This is just one example of doing the same old marketing. Get your name out there because that will work.

It doesn’t. It’s not enough. You have to give me a reason to pay attention and you have to give me a reason to choose you.

I won’t go into that in detail that’s another post. But the agent could have focused the message on me and what I want. Even a magnet with a promise to sell my house faster and for top dollar would be more interesting. I’d be more likely to keep that magnet on my fridge.

If you’re doing what your competition is doing STOP. Ask yourself does this marketing approach really work? Or am I just doing it because everyone else does?

Then think about your dream clients. What marketing could you do that would grab their attention? What marketing could you do that would make them want you?

Different is the only path to getting results. The sooner you do this the better.