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How eating frogs can improve your day.

OK I haven’t been out and about with a net to catch frogs for my breakfast.

But I have been eating them for many years. In fact I’ve developed a taste for them over time. Let me explain.

The frog is a metaphor for your biggest challenge each day. The thing that seems hard. The thing you’re putting off doing. But the thing that needs to be done.

What you do is you make it the first thing you do each day.

Whatever it is for you. It could be a work task. It could be exercise. Doesn’t matter what it is. Just do it first every day.

In fact I did it today. Had an important call to make. Had been putting it off. So this morning I picked up the phone and made the call.

Now I feel great and this will flow into the rest of my day. That’s the beauty of eating the frog first. Everything after that seems easy.

Try if for yourself and follow my lead to make it a daily habit.

Credit to Brian Tracy where I first heard about this life changing strategy.