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Often the best way to learn what to do is by learning what not to do.

I’ll explain.

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Yesterday an ad came up in my Facebook feed for a product that reduces the smell after you use the toilet.

Now that’s a solid product idea. But the ad sucked hard. Here’s why.

They had ‘wanky’ copy. Including the word efficacious.

Now unless they are selling to language nerds or English teachers this word has no place in the ad.

Spoiler alert, they’re not.

This is what I call the curse of the $10 word.

You think you’re being smart. But your client thinks you’re dumb and will not buy.

Always, I repeat always, use the simplest word you can. It’s too expensive not to.

In this case what they wanted to say is that the product works.

So what could they say instead?

All sorts of things. Here’s just one idea off the top of my head.

Flush. Add Drops. Smell gone. OR

Yes it finally can smell like roses.

Have fun with it. After all Poo-Pourri did and built a massive brand as a result.

Simple sells. Complex smells (sorry not sorry).