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My biggest takeaway from Elon’s Twitter Takeover.

I hate fence sitters and people who can’t make a decision to save their life.

Strong I know but it’s how I feel.

It’s me taking a stand on something I feel strongly about.

Elon has done the same thing with Twitter. He feels strongly about free speech and this is how he sees it being made possible.

Boy did it divide people. But that’s OK.

You see if you sit on the fence you get splinters.

But if you take a stand people respect that. They may not agree with you.

Normally you’ll repel as many as you attract. But that’s a good thing.

After all you can’t run an amazing business by appealing to everyone.

So take a stand on something you feel passionately about. Something your dream clients are likely to share with you.

Then go hard like Elon did.

Be ready for haters. But you’ll be rewarded with rabid fans.