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What’s up with B2B marketing?

I swear it should stand for bore to buy.

Have marketers forgotten the business buyer is a person too.

They have wants, needs, desires and frustrations just like any other person.

They don’t want to read your clever headline.

They don’t have time to figure out what you can do for them.

They don’t want to be put to sleep reading or watching your marketing.

They aren’t impressed by your use of jargon and big words. You think you’re clever they don’t.

B2B marketing is marketing. It’s human to human.

What do you have that they can truly benefit from?

What can you do make them feel and look good?

So why not rethink what you’re saying. Make it human.

An easy way to start is to do this.

If you give me $X I will give you these BENEFITS. Spell out every advantage. Dig deep in the benefits of the benefits.

Then take what you’ve written down and compare it to what you have on:

Your website

Your LinkedIn personal and company page.

All your other traditional ads and marketing materials.

If you’re willing to do the work, or get professional help, then you go from boring clients to wowing clients.

Pretty sure you know which one works best.