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First the hard sell.

Then comes the emotional manipulation.

Out comes the contract.

And before you know it, you’ve engaged another marketing agency.

But this time it will be different won’t it?

I hope so. But experience says no.

Here’s why.

You’re another number to them.

The ‘churn and burn’ model has infested the industry.

Contracts are dangerous because they’re a licence to be lazy.

When it’s due to run out you’ll be wondering where’d all that money go.

It shouldn’t have to be this way.

Maybe what we need is an ethical marketer pledge.

Before you give a marketing agency one cent you get them to sign it and agree to be audited on the commitments at any time.

I have ideas but the minimum things needed are:

I will spend every cent as if it’s my own money.

I will think through carefully everything I do.

I will not waste time on strategies that don’t deliver results.

I will not lock you into a long term contract.

I will not you sell you a ‘canned’ solution.

I will take time to understand your business and customers.

I think it’s time for an accountability revolution.

What do you think?