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Long live the So What test.

Are you using it?

You should be.

If more marketers used it we’d see less truly awful advertising and marketing.

The test is simple.

Take what you are thinking of saying and ask yourself could a potential client say So What to it.

If they can, they will. If you say things that they don’t care about you’ve lost them. Normally forever.

Here’s a snippet of copy that fails the So What test.

Commercial Series Treadmills

The Commercial Series will run with you for thousands of kilometres. Sturdy and reliable, they are made with commercial-grade steel to ensure durability. Noise-reducing WhisperQuietâ„¢ design together with premium entertainment options, an extra-wide running area, adjustable cushioning and incline training make these treadmills ideal for the dedicated home runner.

It’s basically a list of features. Now this copy is the first thing people see after clicking a Google Ad. What the company needs to do instead is turn the features into what they mean to me as a client.

I’m only guessing on the benefits but here are some ideas.

WhisperQuiet design. You can workout without waking the family.

Incline training. Get all the benefits of running up hills in your own home.

Adjustable cushioning. Kind of like running on a cloud and it protects your joints from any damage.

Now this is just rough but I think you can see how doing this gives the client an answer to the So What question.

That means they are more likely to keep reading your message and to buy what you’re selling.

I think you’ll agree going over your copy with a So What mindset will make your marketing far more powerful.

Do it now while it’s fresh in your mind.