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If you pick a fight people will talk.

Just ask Chris Rock and Will Smith.

Now whether you think the whole was staged or not is irrelevant. For the record I’m Team Fake.

There are valuable marketing lessons to be learnt.

The first one. Words are powerful especially when they tap into deep seated emotions like love and pride. Rock’s words triggered the Smiths.

The second one. As emotion goes up reason goes down. When you’re emotional you respond in a way you wouldn’t if you take time to pause and think. That’s why the best marketers ethically use emotion to motivate people to take action.

The third one. Give people a reason to talk about you. It’s better when they can take sides. In this case who was in the right? Was it fake? What should be done about it? Lots to talk about.

Now this will pass in 48 hours. But think about how you can apply the lessons ethically to your business.