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The reason social media sites make so much money is the same reason they can cease to exist.

Friendster gone.

MySpace gone.

Google Plus gone.

Facebook gone?

Social media sites are attention traps. Anywhere our attention goes money ultimately flows.

With social media this is normally advertising. But attention can be fickle.

TikTok came along and sucked in a whole segment of the available attention.

More sites will come. Some of the sites we love now may go that’s why I put a ? next to Facebook.

Because we just don’t know. But as marketers the simple lesson is this.

We must be where our clients are paying attention. If they move, we move.

The other thing we must master is gaining attention in a noisy environment. But that’s a post for another day.

Today just focus on understanding where your client’s attention is and start building your presence there.