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This line has one job.

It’s get you to read this line. This line also has one job.

You guessed it get you to read this line.

People overcomplicate their marketing messages.

But really we are just one human writing to another human. We’re telling them we have something that helps them solve a problem or get something they want.

I wonder if your marketing message reads like that?

Or maybe it’s too clever.

Or maybe you failed to get attention with the first line.

Or maybe you haven’t focused on the most compelling way to present your message (very, very common).

Or maybe you didn’t everything right except ask them to take action and to do it now.

There are a few moving parts. But if you remember it’s human to human and what you have they genuinely want or need.

Then go about making your case.

If you’re not sure where to begin to fix your message start with the first line. Get that wrong and you can have the best offer in the world and they’ll never know.

I’ve seen conversions go up 2-10 times with a better headline. I want that for you too.