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Would you wear a Tuxedo to a weekend BBQ?

You wouldn’t, right?

But every day this is exactly what businesses do with their writing.

They get overly formal and it looks and sounds weird to potential clients.

Read the average website and you’ll see things that are confusing, unbelievable and boring. In fact you’ll normally get all three.


I think we were trained to always make a good impression and this comes through in our writing.

The only problem is it doesn’t work.

Formal writing. Big Words. Jargon.

They scare people away who would happily buy from you. They either don’t buy the thing you sell at all. Or they buy from someone who speaks THEIR language.

That’s why you need clear writing for real humans.

Lose the formality.

Lose the jargon.

Lost the big words.

Use their words. Talk about things that matter to them.

Be so clear they know you get them and you can help them get what they want.

All great writing does this.

Does yours?