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Give me a reason and I’ll come buying.

You don’t know what will push people to buy.

You probably think you do. But people buy for their reasons, when they’re ready.

That’s why you need to understand every possible benefit your product offers.

Every single one. Especially the ones you think are obvious. To your clients they’re probably not.

The best marketers of this are people selling information products online.

You may have seen them. You see things like:

– the one test you must put all your copy through if you want people to buy (revealed on page 27)

– what never to do when a potential client ghosts you, our you’ll lose the sale

– the cheap product dentists use instead to keep their teeth sparkling and it’s not the teeth whitener they want to sell you

You don’t know what benefit will hook someone. So you have to share as many as possible in your marketing message.

It’s a little like fishing. Lots of lines. Lots of baits. Hook lots of fish.