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No Matter How Fast You Run, You Can’t Run Through A Brick Wall

It stops you in your tracks.

Today’s writing tip is ‘How to come up with a great headline’.

Step 1. Read lots of headlines every day.

Step 2. Notice the ones that grab you and ask yourself why.

Step 3. When you sit down to create your headline (note the first line of a social post should be considered a headline) write out 20 instead of just 1.

For bonus points try writing 100. Yes this is hard. But the point is it pushes you beyond just obvious ideas. Normally if you write 100 a few will be really good, maybe even amazing. But they will always be better than your first thought.

Practice, practice, practice. Headline writing is a skill that you can develop.

If you can write a great headline you will be miles ahead of your competition.