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If you want to write words that sell you never, ever, start with a blank page.

You never, ever, start without an idea.

Before you write a single word of copy you must carefully study:

– the product/service
– the market
– the competition
– all existing marketing in the market
– the conversation(s) going on the minds of potential clients

You are a detective looking for themes and clues as how to the psychology of the market works.

Only once you understand all this can you come up with a big marketing idea. Only once you have a big marketing idea do you stand any chance of creating words that sell.

In your ‘deep research’ process you must make notes. Save them in a document of ideas for the writing you need to do.

When it comes time to write the copy your brain should be loaded with information and more importantly insights.

You then start by writing down the things you want to say. Start with the headline. After all if you get that wrong no one will read anything else.

As long as you put the work in you will never stare at a blank page again.