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It takes no courage to do what everyone else is going.

It takes enormous courage to become aware of it.

It takes even more courage do something about it.

Most of us exist in a comfortable rut. Some are deeper than others.

But it’s not somewhere you want to stay.

This is true for almost everything. But it’s definitely true for marketing.

Pick any market that isn’t yours. Have a look at 10 businesses. look at their sites. Look at the social profiles. Look at their ads. they all look and sound pretty much the same right?

Now look again at your industry. Your marketing. It looks pretty much the same as everyone else doesn’t it?

That’s because you’re marketing from your rut.

In your rut you can’t see how to do things differently.

Now some people can work their way out of the rut on their own. but most can’t and won’t.

That’s where I can help. I’m not in your rut. So I see the opportunity that lies before you.

I bring fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. But I only work with brave businesses.

If you’re a brave business and want to see beyond the rut shoot me a message and we’ll have a virtual coffee or beverage of your choice.