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As you know I’m looking at cognitive biases.

Basic thinking traps we fall into. Knowing them can help you avoid them. Knowing them can you help you create better marketing.

Today’s is a fun one.

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It’s the Halo Effect.

It’s the tendency for your initial impression of a person to influence what you think of them overall. Often referred to as the “attractiveness stereotype” or the “what is beautiful is ‘good’ principle”.

The Harvard Business Review and many other reputable publications report that people perceived to be physically attractive can earn more. They may also have a greater chance of promotion.

Somehow their perceived attractiveness signals quality in other areas. For example if they are earning more and getting promoted more then, in theory, they should be more capable. Clearly that’s not always the case.

Another version of the Halo Effect is the celebrity endorsement. If the Rock says he likes something then a bunch of people will too. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are great examples of this.

Using this basis in your marketing is quite simple. You are looking to associate your product with something or someone who your customers find attractive in some way. Often this is influencers or celebrities.

But it can be as simple as the way you put your product package together.

Apple beautifully package their products. This creates a perception that what’s inside must be great too.

This week consider how you may be influenced by the Halo Effect. Look for examples of companies doing it. Learn from what they’re doing and ask yourself this. How can I apply the lessons to my business?