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Improve the effectiveness of your ads with a pattern interrupt.

What is it?

It’s simply something you do in your ad that stands out and grabs the attention of your ideal audience. In the image attached one giraffe is facing the other way it’s a very simple example of an image that might stand out in a media like Facebook.

Note I don’t consider using images of people with little on a smart pattern interrupt. You want relevant attention not just attention for the sake of attention.

Pattern interrupts are especially important to breakthrough the noise of social media. That’s why click bait titles have caused such a fuss and Facebook now tries to get rid of them (somewhat effectively only).

Here are a few ideas of things you can do with your ads to create a pattern interrupt and gain attention for your marketing message.

1. An image in which something unusual is happening.

2. An image that uses different colours to those mainly seen in the media where the ad runs.

3. A headline on your ad/ad image that is controversial.

4. A headline on your ad/ad image that says the exact opposite of what everyone else in your market says.

5. Anything that evokes curiosity in the mind of the user.

6. An ad that doesn’t sell anything. For example running ads for pure content only videos. I know a big American marketer who is building a whole agency using this model.

7. An image that reminds your ideal client of them. For example a busy mum frustrated at having to change yet another nappy if that’s who your ads are aimed at.

Remember the aim is to get attention from your ideal clients. Then you have a brief chance to convey a message or make your offer. A pattern interrupt approach can ensure far more people notice/pay attention to your ad and this is a big part of the battle won in a noisy marketing environment.

Let me know how you go and as always questions are welcomed.