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I’ve been looking at the some of the foundation principles of influence.

Master these and you become powerfully influential.

This week I’m looking at a principle that’s so powerful even cults use it to recruit followers.

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It’s commitment and consistency.

In simple terms our future actions remain consistent with our previous choices.

The human mind has trouble holding two opposing views. That’s why our behaviour reinforces what we have previously done.

If you look at cults you take very small steps initially. For example a Scientology FREE personality test. Then over time the commitments grow and before you know it you’re all in.

But we can use this same principle for good. And it can be simple.

The easiest way to do it is to get your influence target to answer a simple question. So you might ask:

‘Are you open to new ideas to grow your business?’

Assuming they answer yes you can then put forward other actions that are consistent with this. They will find it harder to say no because they said they are open minded.

Continuing the example you might offer to jump on a call to brainstorm business growth ideas. The majority will say yes.

You have invoked the commitment and consistency principle now. As long as you stick to it so will they.

Yes can it can be used for evil but I know you will only use it for good. Promise me?