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How do you feel when you get yet another spam message?

Maybe it’s like this ?

I often do.

But I’m not offended that someone sent me something.

I’m offended what they what sent was so bad. So irrelevant to me.

After all 5 minutes of research on anyone you want to reach can tell you a lot.

But you should do more than that it you really want their valuable attention.

You have to try and understand their world. Better than they do.

Only then can you see if what you offer is even relevant or not.

If it is then it’s OK to proceed. But only if.

You focus 100% on them. Not your thing.

How can you make their life better?

How can you solve their problems?

I literally never get messages like this. That’s why I call them spam.

And so do most people you reach out to.

Even if you take the time. Even if you make it about them Many people will still ignore you.

But at least they can see you put in some effort and they are less likely to see you as spam.