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How to become a marketing genius.

I have to warn you that the answer isn’t some shiny object. So if you love shiny objects this post isn’t for you.

It’s also not new. So if you always need everything to be new before you pay attention this post isn’t for you either.

Still reading?

Wise choice. The way to become a marketing genius is to test, measure and improve.

Told you it wasn’t sexy. But it is effective.

The greatest marketer in the world will not succeed with every marketing idea. They will be more likely to. But the only judge of your marketing is paying clients.

That’s why until you put your idea in front of them and ask for money you don’t know if you have a great idea.

But if you try something and it doesn’t work you can change it and try again. Over time you will get smarter. Your hit rate will go up.

You will know your market so well that you have become a marketing genius. At least in your market.

So, if you’re not already doing it, start testing, measuring and improving today. Imagine how much you can improve over the next 12 months.