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The simplest things will be the salvation of your business.

It’s all too easy complicate doing business.

In fact many books make it seem like you need a PHD to run a business successfully. Of course that’s B.S.

You need to do simple things well. Here are some I know to be critical.

1. Understand your clients deep emotional wants, needs, desires and frustrations. This isn’t writing up an avatar. It’s deep empathy and seeing the world through their eyes.

2. Have a product or service that gives clients more value than what they pay you.

3. Understand where your potential clients are already hanging out and get your marketing there. Your marketing message but impossible to misunderstand.

4. Capture interest. Not everyone will buy now but they may well buy later. You have to get them on your database (not just as a social media follower). Then follow up with lots of value until they lose interest or buy.

5. Appreciate your clients. They are paying you money and you must build a relationship with them is beyond just transacting dollars.

6. Have more to offer. Even if you don’t have other things to sell that are yours think about what else clients need. Find ways to offer it to them where they benefit and you do too.

7. Have a clear end goal. If you plan to sell your business then you need to design it for sale from the start. Think about who might buy it. How much they might pay. Build it for them so it’s irresistible.

8. Create systems. Systems save you time and money over time. They also ensure your business is more predictable. You especially need systems for getting clients and systems for satisfying those clients.

9. A powerful offer. You build your business by making offers to people. The better your offer the more clients you get. Hardly anyone I know spends enough time on getting this right. But without it your business has no foundation to grow from.

To me these are basics that when done well create amazing businesses. You deserve and amazing business.