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If you were getting divorced, how would you feel about this ad copy (copy shown a few lines down)?

Now it’s OK I’m not getting divorced.

I chose this niche because I’m working for a client in it.

So, I started with a search term ‘Divorce Lawyers Melbourne’. A competitive and expensive term for Google Ads.

No ad grabbed me. But this is a copy extract from the top ad (name removed for privacy).

“At XYZ Family Lawyers We Provide You with Efficient, Affordable & Painless Resolutions. Our Family Lawyers Ensure Successful Results. Call Us For A Free Consultation Melbourne.”

It’s either been written by a lawyer or a marketer with no experience. Here’s how you can tell.

It’s bland. It doesn’t understand what a potential client may be thinking. It makes a generic offer (free consultation).


Let’s try and imagine what someone about to get divorced might be thinking/feeling.

I hope I don’t lose the kids.

Where am I going to live?

How on earth did it come to this?

There’s no way they’re getting half my stuff.

That took me all of 30 seconds. Now if I’m writing a better ad for them (let’s face it worse would be impossible) I would do a lot more research.

But even with this limited research I can already write this.

Divorce sucks. But we’ll help you get through it with your sanity intact. Get a fair settlement of your assets. Call for our FREE ‘How To Avoid Getting Taking To The Cleaners Guide’ to divorce.

Now regulations may mean it needs work before it can run. But honestly aren’t you more likely to respond to this ad?

As Christmas approaches here’s my wish for you.

I wish for you to become the best marketer in your niche. And it’s not hard when you look at the boring marketing your competitors are doing.

Need help? Message me I won’t bite.

I get a real kick out of working on powerful marketing messages that grow your business.