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How to avoid making superficial marketing appeals and getting below average sales results.
A superficial marketing appeal is when you talk about a high-level benefit. For example, if you sell a face cream you might say it hydrates your skin.
That’s all well and good but there are problems with this approach. First, it’s generic benefit of any face cream so there’s no reason to buy yours.
Second it ignores the benefit of the benefit. Specifically, what is the benefit of hydrating your skin?
I’m no skin care expert but it might be that well hydrated skin makes you look years younger than you otherwise would. If we dig a bit deeper it might be people guessing your age think you are years younger than you actually are.
Now that’s a powerful benefit.
The process to get to this is to first ask this question. What is the benefit of this benefit? Keep digging and ask what does this mean? How can we be more specific? How can we tie this to a deep desire
large numbers of people have?
Yes this takes work. But if you want results from your marketing that are above average you can’t do what average businesses do.