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What are you doing today to make yourself better than yesterday?

The easiest competitive advantage to get and keep in business is to develop yourself.

Very few people do it. They might read one book. They might have a short burst of enthusiasm.

But it won’t be sustained and as a result, won’t make much difference.

Yet if you are willing to commit just 15 minutes each day the difference you make in a year is profound.

What works for me is reading daily. What works for you may be different. But I strongly advise you to consider reading good books each day.

Read what you’re interested in. But for bonus points read things you normally wouldn’t. Read people you disagree with. Read about topics you don’t understand. Just read daily.

As you do the quality of your thinking accelerates. Don’t be surprised if your business and life does too.

Just 15 minutes a day to get ahead of just about anyone. It’s worth it don’t you think?