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How to get access to a whole lot of new clients fast.

Sound too good to be true? I’m glad you are asking that question it’s a sign of intelligence.

It’s not. Here’s how.

Right now, there is at least one other business already doing business with your dream clients. They have a great relationship with them and you can use that relationship to get access to their client base.


You need to approach them with an offer that their clients will love and that will enhance their reputation with their clients.

A big win for them and their clients. In return it becomes a big win for you.

First ask yourself this question. Who already has access to a bunch of people that need my services?

An accountant might partner with a business coach.

A copywriting might partner with a web designer.

A resume writer might partner with an outplacement firm.

A productivity coach might partner with other staff training companies.

Not everyone will want to do a deal. But you only need one or two deals to come off and you may have more clients than you can handle. Now that’s a good quality problem to have.