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If you do all the work of selling then you can actually lose the sale.

Here’s why.

The client isn’t involved.

They’re a passive receiver of your marketing.

Passive is the opposite of what’s need to make sales.

You need active. There’s a proven way to do that.

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It’s this.

Let them do some of the work.

Let them use their imagination.

Let them feel what life is like AFTER they buy from you.

You lead them, but you leave some of it up to their imagination.

If you’ve ever watched a movie and thought ‘could you make it many more obvious’ then it’s a movie where they are showing too much.

A good movie or story involves you completing the story.

A great example is the unclear ending. You can make up your own.

A simple way to get people involved is to ask open ended questions.

For example. What would it feel like to have the energy you had in your 20s?

Another great word to use to get people involved is imagine.

Imagine waking up in the morning and never having to go into the office again. What will you do with all that extra time?

Just a few ideas to get you thinking.

Now imagine how much better your marketing will be if put this into action today.