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How to have an endless source of marketing ideas.

Spoiler you have to do a little bit of work.

Anyone who thinks you can get ahead without work is deluded and destined to fail anyway.

Still here?

Excellent I had a feeling you were smarter than the average person.

We are literally surrounded by marketing ideas but just have to know where to look.

Here’s one place you can use and it updates daily. It’s popular news websites.

News sites live or die based on their ability to attract eyeballs and sell advertising to those eyeballs.

So you can bet they are good at creating content that gets clicked. Yes I know some of it is clickbait. But study why people click it.

Here’s the easiest thing to do each day. Reach 10 headlines on a news website. I recommend The Huffington Post even though I think the site is rubbish. They write compelling headlines.

Notice which ones you want to click. Pause and ask yourself why.

Then pick another that has a list of the most popular articles today. Look at those headlines. Pause and ask yourself why they are so popular. It’s a masterclass in marketing just waiting for you.

I love action takers. So I’d love you to post a headline you read in the comments and why you think it got so much attention. If you do this small action you are separating yourself from the lazy business people out there.

And I’m sure you’re not lazy when it comes to growing your business. Am I right?