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What is creativity?

Why is it essential if you want to dominate your market?

First here’s a honest truth you may find hard to take.

To potential clients your business looks the same as every one of your competitors.

Don’t believe me?

Pick any industry.

Look at what the websites look like. They all look pretty much alike.

They all pretty much the same things.

They all make pretty much the same offers. Or far too often, no offers.

Now look at the ads. Again the same.

Now look at the way they do business. Again the same.

Over time industries become more and more the same.

A dangerous thing happens as a result. Client shop mostly on price.

Now back to creativity. It is the ability to make connections and come up with ideas that are fresh for your industry.

Did you know the drive through didn’t start with McDonalds? It started with banks.

But the connection was made with fast food and until Uber Eats came along that was how we got fast food.

You can train yourself to make connections. In other words you can train yourself to have ‘big ideas’. But few have the discipline for it. Do you?

If you do here’s the formula.

Take in lots of different ideas and information. From all different sources. The more you learn the better.

It’s only when you have rich input that you get rich output.