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Train your brain to bring you more good things.

What’s that have I gone Woo Woo. Not really.

Our brains are powerful. We can use to bring our attention to things that helps us or hinder us.

I choose help.

Your brain has something called the reticular activation system. It is the part that draws your attention to what you are thinking about.

So if you just purchased a blue sports car you will see blue sports cars everywhere. At lest for a while.

So why give give some thought to consciously choosing your dominant thought?

The saying what you focus on expands is true.

Your brain doesn’t differentiate between bad or good. It just vies you more of what you are thinking about.

The easiest way I know to this is ask yourself a powerful question each morning before you start work and at the end of each day.

You can choose yours. But if you need a starting suggestion try this.

Where can I find more brilliant clients to work with?

I’d love you to share your experiences if you’re open to that.