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I’m glad you decided to read it.

I like you more already.

Today I’m writing about the one thing that holds most businesses back.

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I’m sure it doesn’t for you, of course.

But you’ll know someone it’s true for.

It’s following the industry norms.

Ideas and practices that have been the way things are done.

Most people never question them. But you’re not most people.

The way things are done doesn’t have to remain the way things are done.

If you look at any industry less than 5% of businesses are doing really well.

Usually, it’s because they are doing something different. As everyone else keeps doing the same old things and getting the same old rules they say ‘not me’.

In fact, you can have a lot of fun defying industry norms.

It all starts with identifying what they are in your industry.

It might be hard to see them if you’ve been in your industry for some time. An objective set of eyes can soon identify them.

Someone who asks questions that make you think. Especially lots of ‘why’ questions.

Why do you do that?

Why is it done that way instead of another way?

Why is this good for the business and good for our clients?

A curious mindset will reveal things that need rethinking.

Then you need to make the decision to be brave. Do what no one else will do. Then you can get results no one else will get.

It’s not so much fortune favours the brave.

It’s more fortunes are made by the brave.

I have a feeling you’re brave. Am I right?