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Have you ever watched a movie and felt like this?

The film maker just makes everything far too obvious.

Almost like there’s a neon sign showing what will happen next.

It’s boring. You lose interest and probably stop watching the movie.

Marketing is exactly the same.

You can spell things out too much.

It means people aren’t engaged and they get bored and don’t buy.

You need to put together most of the puzzle but leave some pieces for them to work on.

Engagement is critical to holding attention long enough to get someone to take action and buy.

You can take cues from the best movies and tv shows.

Things like cliffhanger endings.

Placing a character in a tough situation and not knowing how they will get out of it.

It can be as simple as using words that engage people.

Words like imagine are very powerful.

Questions also work well as long as they are open ended.

The greater the engagement the greater your sales.

What can you do this week to get people more engaged with your marketing?

Hit me up for ideas if you get stuck.