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Marketers complicate everything.

They want to confuse you so you have to engage them to do it for you.

But here’s a secret.

Most of them a full of s..t.

They don’t understand people.

Therefore they can’t understand marketing.

Marketing is psychology in action. Getting people emotionally and rationally committed to taking the action you want.

The action that is genuinely in their best interest.

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So here’s the 1936 secret from the master of influence…Dale Carnegie.

“Talk In Terms Of The Other Person’s Interests.”

So simple. So easy. So not done.

Everyone will say duh of course you have to do that.

But do they? Do you?

The truth is you probably don’t.

I’ve studied your ads and marketing. It’s mostly about you.

The only one interested in that is…you.

You have to take your message and frame it in terms of the self-interest of your dream clients.

How do you make their life better?

Why can’t they do without this?

Why must they act now?

A simple check on all your marketing is to read some and ask yourself this. Does what I just said appeal to my dream clients self-interest?

If not stop right there and fix your message. If you don’t it will fail.

You don’t need a cute, clever or overly creative message.

But you do need a powerful ‘what’s in this for me’.