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Deep down you already know this.

But here’s what a study from Columbia Business School had to say.

“Those who are insecure ‘dress up’ their words, believing it will make them appear smarter or cause others to take them more seriously.” – Adam Galinsky

Certain politicians use big words to impress.

But they fail to express.

Look at the US election in 2016.

Hilary used big words and intellectual language.

Trump used simple words and emotive language.

Now let’s turn to marketing.

Go and read your LinkedIn company. Go and read your website.

How much jargon did you find?

How many big words?

Think anyone is going to be persuaded to to buy from you?

No. They’re not.

Write like a realy human.

Talk like a real human.

Use words you would use in everyday language talking to a good friend or loved one.

Ditch the fancy words and increase your ability to persuade.