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How’s the content ‘arms race’ working our for you?

What I mean is this.

Conventional wisdom says you should produce lots of content to ‘get your name out there’. But conventional wisdom is rarely actual wisdom.

Yes I am aware this is content and that you’re reading it. But my point is this.

You don’t have to post content all over the place, all the time. It has to fit with your overall business strategy. Asking these questions will help you.

Why are we producing this content? Be specific. Is it to get leads? Is it to nurture your social media base? Is it to get your name out there?

If you don’t have a good reason to do it then don’t do it.

Who is the content for? If you say everyone I will find you and I will… well you know how that goes. Your audience is never everyone! Again be specific. If your ideal client is a CEO you need a different approach than it is a CFO.

Is this the single best use of our time and resources? See you can post on LinkedIn and have a handful of people see your content. Or you can look at dozens of other approaches to reach the people you need to reach.

Is this worth interrupting their day with? Now let’s be honest 99% of all content on social media isn’t. So what can you do to put yourself into the 1% that is?

In simple terms think about why you’re producing content. So long as it passes the questions above you may want to keep doing it.

Now to answer the obvious question. Why do I do it?

A few reasons. One I want to share my experience so that people can learn marketing and copywriting skills that work without years on painful learning.

Next it’s excellent writing practice for me. Warms me up for my day as a persuasive copywriter.

Lastly my ideal clients are on LinkedIn. I never know when they will need copywriting so I’m making sure I am top of mind when they do.

But I made the decision to be less active on other platforms as they just don’t reach the people I want to reach.

What’s your strategy and how does content creation fit with, or not fit with, it?