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LinkedIn marketing doesn’t work.

Have you heard that before?

I’ve heard it so many times that it’s become more annoying than COVID conspiracy theories.

The truth is it does work but only if you have the right strategy. And only if you’re dream clients are actively engaged on LinkedIn.

The strategy that doesn’t work is the connect and spam message approach. You’ve been on the receiving end I’m sure. You accept a connection request and then get a canned pitch all about them.

Rightly you ignore that.

The strategy that does work is this. Use LinkedIn to learn about and genuinely engage with people who are your dream clients.

Focus solely on them and what they want. Be human. Make thoughtful comments on their posts. Study their profile. Study their industry. Get to know their world.

Then reach out. Don’t make your first message a sales pitch. Don’t ask them to do much at all.

Ask a question that shows genuine interest in them (based on your research). Make it specific so they know it’s not a copy paste message.

It’s also Ok to offer information that you think is genuinely relevant. Make it a short and immediately useful PDF. Tell them what problem it solves (must be relevant) and that it’s short and actionable. Then ask if they’d like you to send them a copy.

Many will ignore you. Some will say no. A number will say yes. The yesses are people who have some interest in what you do. Nurture and care for these people like you would your most loved family member.

You’ll need to adapt as you go. Try different wording in your messages. Try different comments. Try different PDF topics.

But if you work the system, the system will work for you.