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When someone is thinking about buying from you there is one thing that scares them.

You’ve experienced it too.

We all have.

It’s the fear of making a mistake. We don’t want to look stupid and we especially don’t want other people to know we made one.

So this stops us buying unless we do something about it. After all not buying feels safe when you’re uncertain.

There are some simple things you can do to can help make buying feel safer.

1. Social proof. Show how others have benefited from buying your thing. Be as specific as possible.

2. Overcome common objections. Answer any doubts a buyer might have. Even better if you have testimonials that address overcoming these doubts.

3. Unconditional risk reversal. Guarantees are powerful but the bolder you make your guarantee the more powerful it becomes.

4. Trial offers. Is there a way to allow someone to try your thing before they pay?

5. Certainty. This is a mindset that comes across when you’re selling. If you are certain you can get a client what they want then they can sense this and it melts any resistance they may have. Confidence is contagious.

What do you do, to help clients avoid the fear of making a mistake?