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Is your website like an Instagram model?

Looks great but contains very little substance.

That might sound harsh and it is. But fake influencers aside, your website has an important job to do.

That job is to help build your business and it only does that if it sells.

Yes it can still look nice. But there are millions of nice looking sites that have cost a fortune and don’t sell.

The reason is this. No one did that hard work to understand your goal for the site. To understand your clients deepest wants, needs, desires and frustrations.

As a result they focused on ‘look and feel’ instead of letting people know how we can help them and what next step to take.

I believe there is a real unmet need for direct response websites. Sites that have a clear goal and the design supports achieving that goal.

Here are three questions you can ask to convert your beautiful site into a direct response website today.

1. What do you do?
2. Who do you do it for?
3. What should they do next?

If they can answer all three within a few seconds of visiting your site you’re on the right track.