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Why most marketing outreach fails.

If you’re reaching out to potential clients via LinkedIn, email or some other social platform chances are your message is being ignored.

Here’s why. This is what the typical message sounds like to a potential client.

I’m really interested in me.

Not so much in you.

Give me money.

I’m guessing you wouldn’t respond to that either. Instead you need to remember you are writing to another human being.

They have thoughts and feelings. They are busy. They have pressures on them and problems to solve. This is the context in which your message is received.

So if you’re going to reach out you better know the things that keep them awake at night. You better not try and sell them immediately. You better approach the situation with real empathy and as a real human.

If you do that more of your messages will actually be read. More of your messages will be replied to.

It’s always about them, always.