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Not sure if you’ve noticed but the world seems to have become more tribal.

Of course there’s always been tribes.

It’s just that they are now louder and more visible. Especially on Twitter and certain news channels like Fox News.

As humans we are always looking for somewhere to metaphorically plug our umbilical cord in.

A tribe. Somewhere we belong. People likes us. We feel welcome. We feel at home.

It’s amazing how fast tribal loyalty can turn into Us vs Them.

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Look at the fierce debates around vaccination and all sorts of political issues.

As soon as you join a tribe you begin to identify as one of them.

You begin to see the other side as the enemy. Neither side gives an inch or will be persuaded to change their views (not impossible but very close to it).

Tribes are a wonderful opportunity to wield huge influence.

If you can create one around your business you will have a powerful asset and develop a very loyal client base.

Your tribe members will become your best marketing asset.

They will bring in people like them and keep out people not like them.

It takes a brave business to adopt Us vs Them marketing.

But for the brave it is very, very rewarding.

Feeling brave?

If so I’d love to have a conversation with you and share ideas on how can implement this powerful strategy in your business.

Just message me here or email me will@cashcopy.com.au with ‘tribe’ in the subject line. I’ll reply within 24 hours to arrange a chat.