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What a Koala fart can teach you about marketing.

Bet you weren’t expecting that in your feed today.

Thanks to Facebook memories I was reminded a product I saw 7 years ago.

It was an insect repellant and an enterprising aussie had named it Koala Fart insect repellant. How I laughed when I saw it (yes I’m 2 years old). But here’s the lesson.

Competition has never been more fierce in your category. But the quality of marketing has never been lower.

Look around you’ll see it’s true. Companies say and do the same things. They are doing the best, unintentionally, to look the same as everyone else.

Everyone gets dumber. Clients start shopping on price. You complain about it. But it’s your fault. Yes your fault. Why?

Because you haven’t used your imagination. Just a little imagination goes a long way.

After all this small business could have launched another insect repellant. But they didn’t. They launched the one and only Koala Fart insect repellant.

Now you don’t have to use the word fart in your marketing. That’s a relief isn’t it. But you do have to use your imagination.

Go for an idea no one else is brave enough to run. Then reap the rewards no one else is brave enough to deserve.