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People Want to Belong.

It’s powerful.

It’s hardwired into us.

It goes back to tribal times when we depended on each other for survival.

We’re still tribal today. In case you need proof of that just look at how opposite sides of the political spectrum act in most countries.

When someone gives you money and becomes a client they aren’t just buying your thing. They aren’t just buying the benefits. They aren’t just buying the feelings that come from the purchase.

They are buying membership of your tribe.

This creates an opportunity but a huge moral responsibility. To look after and nurture your tribe like your life depends on it. Your business life absolutely does.

If you think of your tribe as the people you care most about in the world and act accordingly you will operate from a great place.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of the opposite treatment and it sucks. In fact it’s far too common. But it means that when a better tribe comes along they client is gone before you can blink.

So, remember when someone buys from you they are giving you much more than money. You need to reward their decision with a lifetime of genuine care and nurture.