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The most influential people in the world do this one thing.

It wins them hordes of raving fans.

It’s been known to swing elections.

So what is it?

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It’s your undivided attention.

It’s listening with interest as opposed to listening and thinking about what you’re going to say next.

Deep down we just want people to like us. To show us we’re important. To show us we’re interesting.

Anyone who gives you their undivided attention is very attractive to us.

Former President Bill Clinton was said to have this skill. So too the recently passed Queen Elizabeth.

It’s such a simple skill you can start learning to use it today. But please understand it’s like a muscle. Time is needed to fully develop it.

But you literally start by doing this one thing.

In your next conversation assume that the other person is the most fascinating you’ve ever met.

Ask them lots of open ended questions. Ask them to tell you more about what they just said. Resist the urge to bring the conversation back to you.

I guarantee if you start doing this a funny thing will happen. The other people will suddenly start to you as incredibly interesting.

You will have gained enormous influence without saying anything much about yourself.

Try it for yourself. Try it today.