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I love Loaded Language.

Loaded language is emotive language and it’s very powerful.

It’s designed to trigger a specific emotional response.

The masters of it are politicians and the media. Especially if the media serves a specific audience. Twitter is the wild west for it. Almost every storm that erupts there is because someone has used it in a Tweet.

Here’s one example. Would you be more likely to support Estate Taxes or Death Taxes? Estate sounds harmless compared to a death tax.

Big is another one that’s used to imply bad. Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Business etc. A specific feeling gets triggered for many when you use it, distrust.

Here’s a media example from today. “Ex-MP accused of duping man out of $250k.” Immediately you feel angry towards the Ex-MP for what they did.

Loaded language can be used for good or bad. Any tool is just that until it’s put to use.

But adding it to your marketing makes your message far more emotionally engaging. It’s only when emotions are engaged that you get people taking action.

Practice using it today even if just in your mind. Look for it in the media. The more familiar you become with it the more protected you are. Plus you will see ways to apply it for good.