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Attention spans aren’t what they used to be.

You’re probably already thinking about watching cats doing crazy things on YouTube.

But please don’t.

Still here?

Thank you.

I appreciate a few moments of your attention. I only want to make one simple point.

It’s this. Grab them right away. It applies to everything but especially to your website.

What do they see when they first visit? Is it the most powerful stuff you can say?

I know it’s usually not. In fact each time I review website copy one thing stands out. There is always something powerful hidden a long way down the page.

You can’t let this happen to you. Because so many potential clients just won’t get to it.

Takeaway: Get an independent person to look at your site and tell you what the single most interesting thing is on it. Also get them to tell you exactly what you do and who you do it for.

This must be someone who doesn’t know you otherwise their experience will bias the results.

I promise that if you do this you’ll get valuable insight into how well your current site communicates. If it’s not doing what it needs to be doing then you have some work to do.

But at least you know the problem needs fixing.

Here’s to your site selling more.