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If you do this a funny thing happens.

People pay attention to your marketing.

Welcome to a new week. Let’s make it a good one.

So what’s this thing?

It’s this.

Make your marketing highly relevant and incredibly interesting.

We will do anything to avoid boredom. Just look at how much time we spend craned over our phones doing this that really don’t matter.

We’re bombarded with messages, offers, news every day. It’s noisy. But there’s one thing we pay attention to.

It’s things we’re interested in. So the challenge is to study your people. What fascinates them? What problems are they facing? What would they like to know more about? What would make their life easier?

The more effort you take to understand them, the more you can make your marketing interesting. The more interesting your marketing, the more clients you get.

Sometimes business is simple, IF you’re willing to do the work to make it so.